Alex Racine Sculpture



Head Sculptures & More

Explore Alex Racine's world of eye-catching and intriguing hand, finger, and head sculptures. You're sure to be impressed with his blend of the realistic and the abstract. Contact him today to learn more about commissioning a piece.

His Work

The more you take in the art of Alex Racine, the more details you discover. His sculptures of heads, hands, and fingers feature striking architectural details that truly set them apart. Alex is passionate about creating figurative work with abstract elements to draw in and intrigue the viewer. People who see his work appreciate the visual and sensual aspect of his pieces. He forms each sculpture to be viewed from both the inside and the outside. His hand sculptures are open at the wrist, and some even feature objects inside of them. Alex enjoys making art that is both functional and aesthetic.

Head Sculpture

Creating Connections

Art is meant to connect people, draw out emotions, and bring out elements of everyone's individual story. Alex is dedicated to sculpting pieces that speak to people and invite them to interact with the work. He challenges you to really get involved with his pieces.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration can be found anywhere, and Alex is motivated daily by psychology and the visual world around him. He is intrigued by anything that's out of place, anything with a history, and anything with striking details. These elements of the world inspire him to create work that is unique, spiritual, and meditative.

Additionally, Alex's work features ideas and approaches from his days in the construction industry. The architectural elements and proportions he incorporates truly make his work distinct from his peers.

Purchase & Commission

A piece of Alex Racine's art can now be yours. Contact him via the contact form to inquire about the availability and pricing of a specific handmade original sculpture.

Alex is also thrilled to take on commissioned sculptures. In the past, he's worked with many art enthusiasts, architects, galleries, and collectors to design one-of-a-kind pieces that inspire.