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A Respected & Sought-After Sculptor

Discover a world of art, unlike anything you've seen before. Alex Racine is a Brooklyn-based sculptor who knows how to turn heads. His captivating sculptures capture the imagination and compel you to envision your own story in each piece. Don't miss out on Alex's figurative, architectural, and abstract sculptures of the human head, hands, and fingers.

Heads Gallery Hands Gallery Fingers Gallery

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About Alex Racine

Alex has always had a passion for sculpting—he's been doing it since he was nine. Throughout the years, he has honed his skills and has discovered many new artistic inspirations. Today, his advanced sculpting skillset and vision can be seen in every sculpture he creates. His life experiences help him to shape and interpret his work in a unique, architectural, and thought-provoking manner. Contact Alex today in Brooklyn, NY, to learn more about commissioning your own piece.

Degraw Street Degraw Street Closeup


477 Atlantic Avenue, Apt. 1A
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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Brooklyn, New York